Archivio Recruitment: London's number one Scaffold recruitment agency

Archivio's focus is to deliver a reliable, consistent service in the construction business where so many other agencies struggle. Their unique understanding of the industry has been developed through a meticulous combination of trade knowledge and experience, a combination of which they are confident to be unrivalled in the current market.

By name and nature they have a library of candidates to suit your needs. They seek to consult, understand and collaborate to deliver great results.

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The Importance Of Good Scaffolding In Construction

The importance of good scaffolding in any construction process is vital. Any building process relies on well thought-out scaffolding to allow any project to run safely and to schedule.

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What types of scaffolding are there?

Scaffolding is a key part of almost all construction projects and has been used in one form or the other for hundreds of years, ever since the first structures were built by humans.

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How Covid-19 will effect the construction industry

Will a number of construction firms have to rely on government grants to survive following the coronavirus lockdown?

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New building projects happening in London this year

We’ve picked out a few of the most exciting projects that we predict will see large-scale movement or even full completion in the year ahead.

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