Learning how to scaffold

With there being not set educational requirements to becoming a scaffolder and the high pay received, it's easy to see why scaffolding is such a popular occupation.

Although there are no qualifications needed to be a scaffold operative, you will need to learn the trade before being allowed to erect scaffolds.

  1. Theory - Your first step will be learning the theory of scaffolding. You will need to understand how scaffolds work, how they’re erected safety, the skill sets needed to carry out this work and what are the health and safety guidelines.
  2. Watch and Learn - once you’re on site, you will be encouraged to watch other operatives. Watching how the theory works in practice will give you huge advantages before trying it yourself. Lending a helping hand and studying will give you crucial experience on site.
  3. Apprentice - Once you understand the fundamentals to scaffolding and what is required. You will become an apprentice. As an apprentice you will start with easy tasks, once you have gained experience you will be moved up into more senior roles until your education is complete
  4. Fully qualified - Once you have mastered all the techniques and built up the correct skill set required. You will be a full-time scaffold operative who is able to erect and dismantle full scale scaffolds within the health and safety requirements.

Once qualified to scaffold, the Archivio Recruitment team will be happy to help you find your first project to work on. Get in contact by calling: 0203 196 3700

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