Scaffolding Jobs in London

Scaffolding jobs are often a great way to be involved in both big and small construction developments across the UK, including areas such as London, Essex and Kent. Contracted scaffolding work can often last up to a year for big projects, which can include a number of large sites across the UK. In addition to that, scaffolders can often earn over £40,000 a year.

Archivio Recruitment help place skilled scaffold labourers and other construction workers on projects across the UK, with a particular focus on London projects. We have detailed below a range of scaffold labourers we look for, as well as some of the large projects that we have helped place scaffold labourers on in London over the past 5 years.

What we look for:

- Scaffolders
- COTS Scaffold Labourers
- Part 1 Scaffolders
- Part 2 Scaffolders
- Advanced Scaffolders

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