When do you need scaffolding?

Scaffold is a temporary platform used to elevate and support workers & materials. But, when do you need scaffolding on a project?

There is no set in stone legal requirements of when scaffold is needed on a project. Scaffold is used as a vital safety feature across a number of construction works, maintenance, repair and even cleaning projects.

You will know if scaffolding is needed once you have carried out a thorough risk assessment. All risk assessments will be carried out at the start of any project where workers will be at an elevated level. Once your risk assessment is complete, you will know the level of scaffold needed to complete the job safely.

Other than the obvious safety benefits, why is scaffolding so important? Scaffolding will allow workers to complete the necessary tasks more efficiently, and to a higher standard. The scaffold will allow them to be at an elevated level with all the tools and materials they require to complete the project. Overall this will allow the project to be completed in a shorter period of time, which will save you money.

So to conclude, when do you need scaffolding? You will need it once a risk assessment has be completed before the start of your project. This will allow your project to run more efficiently, it will be safer environment for all workers and will keep you in line with all health and safety laws and regulations.

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